Summary: The situation of all countries continues almost the same as last week, with some adjustments to the core measures previously adopted and a trending behavior to extend the quarantine/lock-down periods.


2,208 positive cases, 95 deaths. Argentinian frontiers continue to be closed even for Argentine residents living abroad. Argentinian Foreig...


In general: The situation of all countries continues is almost the same as the last week, with some little adjustments to the core measures previously adopted.


The government continues collaborating with WHO 4 different studies in order to combat COVID-19 and the situation in general remains equal. Argentine frontiers continue to be closed even fo...


To keep you informed regarding the measures that the Chilean government has issued due to the advance of COVID-19 in our country, we detail below two important


HRS COVID-19 Weekly report


HRS has fully implemented the Business Continuity Plan and is operating from home-office, limited only by the restrictions imposed by the States of Alarm. Any


Argentina - Total amount of cases: 301.  4 deaths. 39 recovered patients. Argentine frontiers continue to be closed. Only native Argentinians or foreign residents in Argentina will be able to enter the country. All Argentinians stranded in high risk countries are being repatriated to Argentina. All Argentines are to remain in quarantine until April 13th a...


Argentine frontiers have been closed for 15 days. Only native Argentinians or foreign nationals with a valid residency in Argentina will be able to e


Effective June 3rd, 2019, the Canadian Embassy in Venezuela suspends its operations temporarily. Consular assistance for Canadian citizens, as well as any other nationalities residing in Venezuela will be attended from the consular post in Colombia until further notice.


As per Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, u...

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