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Costa Rica - Migratory Recognition of Same-Sex Couples

The General Directorate of Migration and Aliens, promulgated special and transitory regulations to receive applications for legal status to same-sex couples, this promulgation was made on January 18th, 2019, under the 18-month term that the Constitutional Chamber granted to our Legislative Assembly in order to make the pertinent modifications for its fulfillment.

These regulations grant immigration and recognition rights to foreigners who have same-sex partners, and to those who wish to adapt their name, image, reference to sex or gender in DIMEX.

Given the above, starting at 12:00 midnight on May 26th, 2020, same-sex couples who have their de facto union or a duly recognized marriage bond both outside and inside Costa Rica, can apply for a special category or residence as a dependent, according to the Regulation for the recognition of migratory rights to same-sex couples, decree number N ° 41329-MGP, could apply for any of the following migratory categories, fulfilling the legal requirements established for such purposes:

1. Temporary residence by link with Costa Rican citizens.

2. Temporary residence as a dependent of a pensioner.

3. Temporary residence as a dependent of the rentier.

4. Temporary residence as an investor's dependent.

5. Temporary residence as a dependent of a company executive.

6. Temporary residence as a dependent of self-employed worker.

7. Special categories.

Source: ARA LAW

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