Area Orientation and Home finding

Our programs are designed to assist our clients with finding the right home in a community fitting to the families’ lifestyle, as quickly as possible and for a just price,. HRS works in partnership with the Real Estate companies to provide the foreign national with rental property estimates prior to the arrival in the host country, according to the families’ housing requirements and within the company-set budget. Before the expatriate’s arrival in the host country, HRS prepares a house-hunting schedule including previously vetted properties based upon the minimum requirements informed by the client. The house-hunting schedule may also include visits to schools, clubs and a city tour. During the whole visit, the employee will be accompanied by one of our representatives who will offer advice and guidance concerning safe housing areas within the city as well as basic knowledge information of the country. Once the employee has pre selected the property in which to live, HRS will coordinate all of the lease negotiation paperwork directly with the Real Estate agent or homeowner. Our staff then prepares the rental contract either based on the company’s draft or recommending our own, and carries out inventory.


Settling-in Assistance


Once the employee has arrived in the host country, HRS will offer personal assistance to both the expatriate and his/her family, in the form of in-depth instruction and information concerning their new environment.


Furniture/household items


HRS is able to provide clients with virtually every piece of furniture or household item necessary to facilitate the process of settling into a new home.  This service is designed to keep our client from worrying about shipment delays, insurance issues, damaged furniture, and having to reship all personal items back home once the assignment in the host country is finished.


Departure Program


HRS provides assistance in the termination of leases on behalf of the Company or employee. This service is for US personnel going abroad or Repatriated employees that need to resolve lease termination, car sale, utility cancellation or any other issues related to their move.


Temporary Living Accommodation


HRS can assist in finding a suitable temporary living accommodation for the incoming family prior to their definite move in any city in the US or abroad by contacting one of our representatives.

Temporary accommodations are ideal for:

• Business trips

• Short-term training

• Other temporary housing needs.

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