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Immigration Services


HRS manages the entire Visa/Work permit process for foreign and national employees. We work directly with the employee and the Company to gather and expedite the issuance of required documents. We also coordinate the annual renovation by providing the Company with a database ensuring the employee's legal status in the country. We give a face to face service, meaning that our personnel is present and in contact with the legal entities responsible for processing the Work Permit, Visa, I.D. cards, and Driver's License for our clients. As such, we can guarantee a faster and more efficient time frame for document processing.

Due to the increasing number of multinational companies expanding their operations in Latin America, the rate of foreign citizens and Latin American companies moving within the region has multiplied.  With that in mind, it is essential to observe that there are restrictions for foreign citizens' entry in some countries.

Therefore, when deciding to transfer an employee from a home to a host country, it is crucial to have the entire transfer process well planned and mapped out, including checking legal requirements necessary to make the transfer effective.

Requisites, procedures, and timelines will most likely vary according to the country of destination. Therefore, a successful transfer will depend on excellent advisory services, both in the country of origin, where it will be necessary to provide all the documentation required for the transfer process and in the destination country, to provide the paperwork needed to legalize the expatriate's stay for the duration of the assignment.

HRS's affiliates are apt to handle these issues, ensuring that both the Company and the expatriate meet the legal requirements established by the government of each host nation. Our specialist consultants can coordinate the Visa process and offer detailed reports during each step, until the final issuance of the visa.

Some of our main services:

* Passport issuance/renewal;

* Document legalization;

* Processing and Coordination of work authorizations/work visas;

* Issuance of local I.D. and/or Social Security numbers;

* Apostilles;

* Document translation.

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