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Argentina & Uruguay

The Labs/HRS team was AMAZING. I have relocated several times and their service was by far the best.  Their level of empathy, personal care, commitment, etc. not only helped a lot but effectively made a huge difference. We are very grateful."


Lorraine Sandford      Susan Kidd

Labs Argentina

Bolivia, Ecuador & El Salvador

"Very smooth process, I really would like to thank you for the collaboration and support. Paradoxically despite COVID and the complex situation, Its been the best transition and departure service after 5 different country moves that we have had so far, so please take this as a big recognition to SRS/HRS team."


Gabriela Wright

Barbara Wright

SRS Ecuador


"I was completely impressed by the quality of service and the detailed explanation of the Immigration process that Emdoc/HRS delivered. We have moved many times being Immigration the most difficult process in our relocation. With the Emdoc/HRS team we felt taken care. Thanks for this experience!"


Suzana Marques



"Contacto Chile/HRS worked tirelessly to help us find our feet in Chile. From finding the right place for our family to live to negotiating contracts, to understanding local customs and the neighborhood in general, she helped us learn the ropes. When it was time to leave three years later, they once again picked up where they left off and ensured that we had all of our tasks organized and closed with our best interest in mind. No stone was left unturned and we couldn’t have done it without them."

 The Hodges Family

Paulina Herrera

Contacto Chile

Costa Rica

"Excellent service and great team, we are going to recommend Forest Land Group/HRS services to our colleagues and friends!"


Tatiana Corrales

Forest Land Group S.A.

Dominican Republic & Haiti

"In September 2018 I moved to DC for a bit more than a year to accompany my husband with his work. Acra Relocation/HRS was responsible for helping us during our relocation and accompanying us through the whole process. Their help was extremely important in our lives since moving to a country we do not know and where we have no family is very complicated.
Many thanks to all the team! We will be friends forever."


Susana Acra

Acra Relocation


"The service provided was very professional and targeted to our needs, I would highly recommend Anchor/HRS to colleagues or friends to make their move smooth and efficient.”


Susana Bentick

Anchor Relocation


"LRS/HRS gave us a very professional service, they really understood our needs and gave us several options to make our transfer to Lima very smooth.  They exceed our expectations putting attention to our formal needs and even comments that helped to get what we were looking for. They are always willing to help. In summary, their people really exceed our expectations!"


Ursula Bustios

Cristina Rey

Lima Relocation


" Golocal/HRS was excellent! During our visit to Panama, we felt that all of our needs were met. When we had issues with the school enrollment, they were there to help. And when the lease was signed and everything settled they were there as well to guide us with our moving need. I will highly recommend them."


Ines Murillo

Golocal Relocation and Immigration


'Due to my company's interests in Paraguay, I had the pleasure of employing Merge Relocation/HRS

and her associates, to guide me through the Paraguayan bureaucracy. This was done with great knowledge and in a very pleasant way. I am certain I would not have been able to do this alone."


Lilian Maneglia

Merge Relocation

Venezuela, Colombia & Caribbean

"Working with Golocal/HRS was wonderful. Being transfer to a country like Suriname was an ordeal but the team helped me manage all kinds of situations. I would not be able to do this on my own. Thanks team!"


Luis Quinones

Golocal Relocation & Immigration

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