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Want a quick access to your move status?

Welcome to

The only app you will ever need while relocating.

The letsrelo app provides comprehensive intelligence to monitor and assess all aspects of your local destination service programs. Immigration status and local data can be seen from any device and shared with the appropriate team member to assure clarity and compliance throughout the process.

The letsrelo app is the perfect combination of automated technology and human experience. 


Centralized aproach

The letsrelo app provides a real-time status update related to each employee's destination service as well as on-demand reporting through a centralized client interface.

Consistency of service delivery across all markets

The letsrelo app ensures that all assignees, no matter their destination or consultant that they work with, are being presented with their destination and Immigration information in a uniform way. 

Easy to use

With the letsrelo app, the mobile employee can receive important information about their move, local safety alerts, and check the status of their current case.

24/7 Real-time local data

letsrelo allows HR professionals and mobile employees to access their local data at any given time and will deliver in detail the entire process.

Safeguards data security and compliance with privacy regulations

letsrelo consolidates all personal data in a single, controllable environment that is compliant with data privacy regulations, including the GDPR. Only users that need the information to support the assignee are granted access. While they can view the data on their preferred device, because the platform is cloud-based, no personal information is left on the device. Data retention mechanisms and user permissions ensure that data is removed when no longer needed or made inaccessible with a single click.

Improves data accuracy and ability to better analyze such data

Less manual handling of data will improve the accuracy and completeness of data, as well as the speed at which it is delivered. With the data being on letsrelo and recorded consistently, we will provide better analytical insights as well.

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