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HRS COVID-19 Weekly report


Total amount of cases: 301. 4 deaths. 39 recovered patients. Argentine frontiers continue to be closed. Only native Argentinians or foreign residents in Argentina will be able to enter the country. All Argentinians stranded in high risk countries are being repatriated to Argentina. All Argentines are to remain in quarantine until April 13th and can only go out to shop for food or medicine and take dogs out for short walks. Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools are closed, as well as universities until April 13th. Classes are being delivered virtually in many establishments. Public schools will be open to take care of other collateral obligations such as giving support to students as needed, but they will not have lessons. Public and Administrative offices, private offices, national parks, theatres and cinemas continue to be closed. Employees are urged to work remotely from home. The Government is reducing traffic in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. Renewals of residence permits and visas are extended until further notice. Travel outside of Argentina is not recommended at this time.


13 confirmed cases in the island. Mandatory curfew in the island started to take place last Saturday March 21st from 9pm to 6am until March 31st.


Has had an increase in Covid-19 cases (17) and the island is at stage 2 of its emergency response plan which has a further restriction on the movement of people. Government closed all schools and limited gatherings to 25. Now flight travelers from the US, Asia and/or Europe, will be subject to quarantine for 14 days. Mandatory.


Brazil has more than 1.600 cases, most of them in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Brazilian Consulates all over the world received the orientation to close and consulates from other countries in Brazil are also closed. Brazilian borders with South America are closed and airlines reduced dramatically the flights. The state of São Paulo declared emergency for lock down from March 24th until April 7th. Other states are considering to follow São Paulo’s example. A large amount of companies are adopting home office and the Brazilian Government recommends to stay home whenever it is possible.

The Federal Police informed that only emergency cases will be attended, and that will certainly affect all the processes.


Control measures for the entry of foreigners have been reinforced, only Chileans and foreigners with a valid residence permit are allowed to enter. If the residence permit is being processed, then the foreign employee will not be allowed to enter. From Sunday, March 22nd, a curfew from 22:00 to 05:00 has been adopted. There are sanitary barriers in various cities along Chile with strict control of entry and exit. All the population that went to their second home in summer resorts must return to Santiago before Wednesday in order to avoid collapsing small towns. Fines will be applied if the order is not attended. On the other hand, schools, Universities and group activities are still suspended. Restaurants, bars, shops and shopping malls are closed, with the exception of pharmacies, supermarkets and banks, which have office hours. Some state offices are attending but only special cases. Businesses that would be possible to perform remote work are doing so, but those that are strategically important continue to operate with minimal staff on shifts. As of yesterday, there are 114 new patients, so total is now 746, with one person dead on Friday and 11 recovered. More than 2000 tests are practiced daily.

New status on Immigration procedures: All Consular processes are suspended at least for 1 month. There is not a fixed date to have the system back available. All Chilean consulates are closed for visa processing. Immigration process system in Chile is working and we continue processing new applications and following up any in-progress file. All tourist entrance must be extended before its due date by following the standard procedure.


Colombia's government has blocked incoming international flights from Monday and ordered people aged 70 and over to stay inside until the end of May. It has also closed land and water borders along with schools and bars. The country initiated a nationwide quarantine from Tuesday night (yesterday). So far it has been 306 cases confirmed by the local government.

Costa Rica

177 cases, 2 death. Costa Rican Government has decided, effective March 24th, 2020, that all foreigners residing or with a valid immigration condition in the country, who leave the national territory, will automatically lose their immigration status. Total closure of beaches throughout the country, obligatory closure of temples and religious services.

Dominican Republic

Government has declared the country in state of Emergency until April 13th, 2020. Suspension of all consular services in the Dominican Republic and in the consulates abroad. Cancelation of flights scheduled to and from Europe, China, Korea and Iran. Forced home quarantine for passengers who arrived from any of those countries into the Dominican Republic in the last 2 weeks. Suspension of all cruises and port activity. Closing of borders (except for departure of foreign nationals and cargo ships that carry basic supplements and fuels). Suspension of School instruction until April 13th, 2020. Suspension of massive gatherings for 15 days (restaurants only open for delivery and take out). Suspension of commercial activities (except for pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations, medical laboratories, hospitals). Rigorous Social quarantine for people 65+ years of age. Implementation of home office and flexible hours. Continue implementing social quarantine and hygiene measures.

Health Measures: Release of COVID – 19 tests to certified labs. Enable more Quarantine Centers. Limit the number of people visiting hospitals and clinics. It is imperative to notify the authorities of any new case of COVID – 19. Private Health Centers can enable special areas to treat COVID – 19. ARS Insurance companies in order to support prevention and containment measures have agreed to include in their covered services the COVID -19 test.


Ecuador is under state of emergency as of March 17th, 2020. All borders are closed. All incoming flights are cancelled, both national and international, until April 5th. Mandatory Quarantine (only Health professionals and institutions, banks and food providers are open) has been declared. Car circulation is restricted by plate number and only to provide medicine, food or any health emergencies. “Toque de Queda” or Curfew from 14h00 until 5h00 as of March 17th. Schools are closed until further notice. Until today, 1,082 cases and 27 deaths.

El Salvador

5 confirmed cases. The National Curfew was declared with the “closing of streets” of the main cities, with more emphasis on Choluteca, La Ceiba and Distrito Central, in the south, Caribbean Zone and Center of the country, starting at 22:00. National Police will be monitoring the situation closely and verifying justifications for people out on the streets. Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Gas Stations and the Banks will remain open so nationals may purchase their basic needs.


21 cases of COVID-19 and 1 death. Entry and exit Requirements: On January 31st, 2020, Guatemala declared a National Sanitary Alert, which restricts entry by air, land or sea to any foreign person without legal residency in Guatemala who has visited the People’s Republic of China in the last 15 days prior to arrival in Guatemala. Quarantine until March 31st with curfew from 16h00 until 4h00 is in place.


Now multiple cases of Corona Virus Confirmed, no travel ban is taking place yet; schools are closed until further review of the current country status.


30 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders. Enhanced screening and quarantine measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are being carried out at ports of entry (POEs) – airports, sea and land – including the Roatan port, a popular cruise ship destination in Honduras for American and Canadian nationals.


There are virtually no changes with the situation in Mexico. Whilst we have moved to “phase 2”, this was imposed by WHO and not by the federal government, the situation remains the same. Schools and some businesses closed, immigration still open.


345 infected – 6 deaths (156 women and 189 men) 27.83% between the ages of 41-50. Most of the infected are in the capital (51.4%). Curfew from 5pm to 5am is in place. Closure of borders implemented. All Flights were canceled for 30 days. Suspension of classes at all levels. Cancellation of social, sporting, cultural and religious events. Sanitary checkpoints between cities to prevent people from going to the out of the city and to the beaches. Quarantine. Isolation for 14 days people coming from abroad, closure of bars, pubs, casinos, etc. to avoid crowding. R.O.S.A virtual platform (automated health response) digital medical office attended by doctors and can be used also by WhatsApp.


Last Friday the 20th, President Mario Abdo extended the quarantine up to April 12th, and declared a total quarantine starting March 21st to 28th. All essential services (health, food, bank services with restricted hours, press, among other) are exempted. The President to present to the Congress an Economic Emergency Law. Last report given by the Head of Health Department, last night: 27 infected, 2 death. The Immigration Office declared that all foreigners that are over the time limit to be in Country depending of his/her category, will be subject to pay the penalty fee when they decide to leave Paraguay. It was declared that the police will strengthen quarantine compliance controls. It is important to remark on the positive aspects of this quarantine, as some local engineers who are working together to build homemade respirators, or local textile factories trying to make face masks, the bank's decision to be flexible with payments of debt, the delivery of food kits for people without work, among others. There are also lots of mini entrepreneurs getting vegetables and fruits to deliver to who needs groceries, in order to prevent them leaving home. As from yesterday the President closed the borders until next Sunday. All commercial flights are suspended until April 12th.


Peruvian Board of Ministers have approved the State of Emergency applicable since the time of the publication in the State Bulletin, just before midnight 15/3/2020. Initially valid for 15 days, with possibility to be extended. State of emergency includes: restricted mobility to all citizens, everybody must stay at home, except in cases of force majeure. At any case the movement of citizens will be always unaccompanied. Closure of all establishments carrying out public activity except for the distribution of food and basic needs. All educational activity in person is suspended. Terms are suspended and time limits for processing procedures of public sector entities are interrupted. The Government has declared a curfew from 8pm to 5am every day until the end of the quarantine.

Here are some steps taken by Migrations against COVID-19:

During the national state of emergency, from March 16th to 30th, 2020, it is SUSPENDED:

Deadlines Administrative hours and the fine for excess stay: from March 31 and for a period of 45 calendar days, the procedure to regularize the immigration situation will begin.

The term of execution of the exit order to leave Peru, of those foreigners whose process of change of migratory quality or requested extension has been denied.

During the state of national emergency, it is EXTENDED:

The periods of special permits for the use of the national territory granted to foreigners: if the foreigner could not return to Peru due to being in a country that has closed its borders before March 16th, 2020, the extension term granted will be taken into account. In addition, the term of the closure of the borders of said country, as long as the foreigner proves it.

The term of validity of the temporary or resident immigration status granted to foreigners.

Once the national state of emergency has been CULMINATED:

Rescheduling appointments related to administrative procedures and other services provided by MIGRATIONS will be rescheduled.

From the beginning of the state of national emergency and for 30 business days:

The deadlines for the evaluation or resolution of administrative procedures in MIGRATIONS are suspended.


50 cases of Corona Virus confirmed, Schools remains closed, also Ports and travel ban with no international flights allowed since March 22nd. Only Cargo plane are allowed.


6 confirmed cases. Airports and Borders remains closed since March 14th until further notice. Schools continue closed and recommendation on the citizens in general is to stay home unless your work cannot be executed from it.


77 cases of Corona Virus confirmed. Mandatory quarantine is taking place in all regions, all international and domestic flight are banned, and some regions curfew from 6pm until 5am are taking place. At any case the movement of citizens will be always unaccompanied. Closure of all establishments carrying out public activity except for the distribution of food and basic needs. All educational activity in person is suspended. Terms are suspended and time limits for processing procedures of public sector entities are interrupted. All appointments in government entities will be rescheduled as soon as the quarantine has finished. The deadlines for the evaluation or resolution of administrative procedures regarding immigration procedures are suspended. National Police will strengthen quarantine compliance controls. Sanitary checkpoints between cities to prevent people from going out of its residence location.

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