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HRS Relocation International is a U.S. based company created in August 2007 to benefit from the dynamics of a globalized economy. Our expertise in managing multinational accounts for Fortune 100 companies in Latin America and the Caribbean provides us with the extensive knowledge necessary to assist our clients' needs for destination and immigration services. Our affiliate companies are of high excellence and provide standardized and uniform processes to our clients throughout the region.

Globalization has increased human resource managers' demands to develop more efficient, reliable, and secure relocation services around the world. The challenges faced during a relocation process to Latin America and the Caribbean are particularly unique. Resources are limited, the demands of corporate executives are high, and the requirements for safety and confidentiality are crucial. HRS's priority is to manage these services with excellence, quality, and reliability. With a team of highly skilled immigration and relocation specialists, HRS's goal is to become the leading company in destination and immigration services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our mission is to combine the best, most reliable service with the highest standards of excellence and integrated technology, meeting our clients' requirements and exceeding their expectations.

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